Rainworks Commission Information

Thank you for your interest in rainworks!

We’ve made this page of common questions to expedite the commission process. Please read it and then email contact@rain.works.

Please note: The purpose of rainworks is to turn rainy days into something to look forward to. For that reason, we do not make rainworks that have hashtags, logos, or directly advertise any promotion, brand, or event.

Who designs the rainworks?

The Rainworks Team can create the design, or we can use any appropriate design submitted by a client. In either case we work with you to make a design that satisfies your vision.

Will you come to our city to install rainworks?

We are happy to create Rainworks in other cities if our travel expenses are covered.

If you choose to bring us to your city, we will be happy to host a Rainworks Reveal Event in your area at no additional cost. Since rainworks are temporary, we like to provide some extra value to your rainwork commission by inviting locals to attend a public unveiling of the artwork. These events are fun, interactive, and community-building, and we like to do them any time we bring rainworks to a new part of the world.

How long do rainworks last?

Each rainwork lasts about 2-4 months, sometimes longer. Longevity of a rainwork can depend on the type of concrete, amount of foot traffic, weather conditions, etc. A rainwork is the most vivid during its first couple of weeks, then slowly becomes more subtle.

Are rainworks removable?

Yes. Rainworks can be safely removed by applying an environmentally-friendly cleaner followed by vigorous scrubbing with a wire brush.

Are rainworks bad for the environment?

Heavens no! Once dry, rainworks are non-toxic to the environment and biodegradable.

Do rainworks make the sidewalk more slippery?

No, rainworks retain the same texture as the surface they are installed on.

What product do you use?

We use our own special spray, Rainworks Invisible Spray.

How much do rainworks cost?

Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the design. Here are some pricing samples to give you an idea:



















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