Snow-Activated Art?

Do rainworks appear in the snow?

Yes and no. A light snowfall will reveal a rainwork! However, it only takes about an inch of snow to completely bury and hide a rainwork.


"When it rains, it snows." - A stencil from a rainwork in Park City, Utah.

“When it rains, it snows.” – A stencil from a rainwork in Park City, Utah.

What’s the coldest temperature that a rainwork can be installed?


Rainworks need to be installed on a surface that’s completely dry. If you attempt to install in below freezing temperatures, there may be an unseen layer of ice on the concrete that could interfere with your results. Therefore, we recommend installing rainworks when it’s above 32°F (or 0°C).


That being said, we encourage you to experiment and tell us about your results!



Will freezing temperatures affect my Invisible Spray?

Invisible Spray can be used in lower temperatures without losing its efficacy. Of course, everything has it’s limits, but we have not yet discovered that limit in our experiments in Seattle.

Have fun in the snow!