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Submission Guidelines

Here are some things to note:

As you probably know, the whole point of rainworks is to turn rainy days into something to look forward to. The purpose of the Official Rainworks Map is to give rainy-day explorers a simple, fun, and family-friendly way to find the awesome rainworks in their area. Rainy-day scavenger hunt, anyone?

Here are our current guidelines. We do not add rainworks to the map if they contain:

  • Vulgar images or inappropriate language
  • Blatant advertising or political messaging
  • Hashtags (yes, even #rainworks)
  • Personally identifying information
  • Logos, business names, websites, addresses, or other contact information

There are other reasons that a rainwork might not be added to the map, such as being located on private property where trespassing is prohibited or being made with a non-environmentally-safe coating. If you have questions about whether your rainwork idea would be accepted on the map, email us.