Create Stunning Works of Art that Appear Every Time it Rains

Rainworks Invisible Spray (2oz. Street Art Kit)
Rainworks Invisible Spray (2oz. Street Art Kit)

2 ounce Starter Kit

  • Covers 10-15 square feet (0.9-1.4 square meters)
  • $19 + shipping & handling
  • Includes pre-printed flower stencil material
  • Perfect for getting started with Rainworks
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Rainworks Invisible Spray (16oz. Bottle)
Rainworks Invisible Spray (16oz. Bottle)

16 ounce Bottle

  • Covers 80-110 square feet (7.4-10.2 square meters)
  • $130 + shipping & handling
  • Includes chemical-resistant trigger sprayer
  • Perfect for people who are more serious about making Rainworks
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What makes Invisible Spray special?

Our formula has been developed through rigorous testing, and specifically designed for the purpose of making rainworks. What's that mean?


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Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

Once a rainwork is dry, it is completely non-toxic!





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Rainworks generally last 2-4 months (though we have seen them last as long as a year under the right conditions). They are most vivid for the first few weeks, and they gradually grow more subtle over time.



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Easily Removable 

Rainworks do not damage the surface they are on, and they can be easily removed using any earth-friendly cleaning product and a little bit of scrubbing.

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Totally invisible when surface is dry

Invisible Spray is the only superhydrophobic coating that we have tested that is completely undetectable on a sunny day. You can't see, feel, or smell a difference.

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