Frequently Asked Questions

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How do rainworks… work?

Concrete darkens when it gets wet. A superhydrophobic coating keeps surfaces from getting wet. By spraying our superhydrophobic coating through a stencil onto concrete, we create areas that will repel all water. The next time the surface gets wet, everything darkens except for where we sprayed, and the contrast between light (dry) concrete and dark (wet) concrete creates the image. Whenever it’s dry, the rainwork will be completely invisible. Rainworks can be made on any surface that darkens when wet, including concrete, wood, stone, and some fabrics.

For more details on how to create your own rainworks, check out our official tutorial page.

Are rainworks bad for the environment?

No! When developing this art form, it was important to us be rainworks are safe both for the environment and for the artists making them.

Invisible Spray 2.0 is a water-based formula with a hydrophobic ingredient that is safe for the environment!

The original Invisible Spray recipe was a solvent-based formula. When a rainwork was installed properly, the solvent evaporated away without ever entering the water system, leaving behind only non-toxic, environmentally safe, and biodegradable ingredients.

How long do rainworks last?

On average, a rainwork lasts 2 to 4 months. We have had them last up to a year under the right conditions. The longevity of a rainwork depends on the type of concrete, amount of foot traffic, cleanliness of surface during installation, etc.

The surface you make a rainwork on definitely has the most impact on longevity. Clean, unsealed, light-colored concrete is typically the best! See our guide on Finding a Location for more details.

A rainwork is the most vivid during its first couple of weeks, then slowly becomes more subtle until it's fully faded away 2-4 months later.

Do rainworks make the sidewalk more slippery?

No, rainworks retain the same texture as the surface they are installed on, both in their wet and dry state.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we accept purchase orders from government entities and educational institutions. To place a purchase order, send an email to saying you would like to place a purchase order and include the following information:

- Organization name

- Billing Address

- Shipping Address

- Phone number

- Email

- Products & Quantities

- Desired shipping method (Standard, 2-day, or overnight)

We will respond with a quote or invoice that you can create a PO with!

Are rainworks legal?

According to a representative at the Seattle Department of Transportation, rainworks are legal on public sidewalks because they are temporary, don’t harm the property, and we don’t use them to advertise anything. See this article for the interview we are referencing. Basically, rainworks are classified the same way chalk art is. We recommend checking with your local government before making rainworks on public surfaces.

What product do you use, and where can I get it?

We use a special superhydrophobic coating called Invisible Spray.

Note from Peregrine: When I came up with the idea for rainworks, I experimented with a variety of superhydrophobic coatings until I helped develop a perfect formula for creating rain-activated art. I brought the idea to Kickstarter, and gained enough support through crowd-funding to set up distribution for this formula, now known as Invisible Spray! You can now order Invisible Spray here.

Do rainworks work in the snow?

Yes and no… A light snowfall will reveal a rainwork, but it only takes about an inch of snow to bury and hide it. To learn more about rainworks in the snow, check out this page!

Where can I find the MSDS?

The MSDS for Invisible Spray 2.0 can be found here.

The MSDS for the original Invisible Spray formula is available here.

Do you offer international shipping?

YES! We ship orders to creative people all over the world. Some international orders might require additional tax & duties fees. Customers are responsible for any additional tax and duties fees that might occur. For more questions about shipping, visit this page.