Rainworks Stencil Instructions

☝️Please watch this helpful instructional video☝️


Popping Out the Pieces

With the cut lines facing towards you, grab on either side of a cut line and fold away yourself to about 90°. Use a finger on the back of the piece near the cut line to push the piece towards yourself. The piece will separate along the cut line with a “pop!” Pull the piece along the cut line to remove it fully. 

For stencils with thin delicate parts, work from the center pieces outward.  

Important: When pulling next to thin parts of the main  body and around sharp corners use your hand to protect the delicate areas by pinning them against the table: 

Hand on left presses down to protect a thin bridge and reinforce the sharp corner while the other hand pulls a piece out 

Optional: Some stencils include floating pieces within the letters, called “counters”. If your stencil contains these pieces, you can keep them in  place with a few pieces of string and tape.

You’re all set! 

Once all the pieces have been removed, it’s time to take your stencils out and make some art. Have fun creating!

Stencil Repair: 

If the stencil somehow tears, you can tape the area back together. Trim away excess tape.


Instead of throwing away the pieces you removed, paint them and turn them into a wall decoration!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do these stencils come ready-to-use?

A stencil sheet with the design cut, but without the pieces removed.

Our stencils come with the design cut 90% of the way through the material, but without the pieces popped out. This is to keep the stencil stable during shipping, and lets you decide if you want to use the stencil positive, negative, or both.

When you receive your stencil, you will need to pop out the pre-cut sections before use. We promise it's easy to do.

Please watch the video at the top of this page so you know the best way to pop out your stencil.

What materials are these stencils made out of?

Our stencils are made using a High-Impact Polystyrene, a springy, resilient material. The result is high-quality stencils that hold their shape and can be reused virtually unlimited times!

Are these stencils recyclable?

Recycling Symbol number 6 for polystyrene

High-Impact Polystyrene falls under Recycling Code 6, we recommend checking with your local recycling service to see if they accept it.

The good news is that even if they don't, our stencils are designed to be re-used over and over again. If you don't want it anymore, donate your stencil to a local school or arts & crafts collective.

What designs are available as stencils?

We've picked out a variety of our favorite designs that are being offered as pre-made stencils. Click here to view the entire collection.

It is our plan to continue adding more options periodically, so check back for new designs!

Can I order a custom stencil?

Yes! If you want a custom stencil that isn't offered on our website, please check out this page.