Become A Rainworks Affiliate

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Rainworks Affiliate!

Rainworks is all about sharing the magic of water-activated art and bringing a touch of wonder to everyday life. Becoming a Rainworks Affiliate is a win-win: you get to spread smiles using this creative artistic medium, and earn dough for every person you inspire along the way!

Whether you're a DIY blogger, an advocate for eco-friendly art, or a content creator who simply enjoys making rainy days more fun, Rainworks offers a fantastic opportunity to share your creativity and make a positive impact.

As a Rainworks Affiliate, you'll receive a 15% commission of every sale you generate. So, not only do you get to spread happiness and creativity, but you'll also enjoy a slice of the success story every time you inspire someone!

Active Affiliates: Click here to view the full Rainworks Affiliate Guide.

How to Become a Rainworks Affiliate

On TikTok:

To be an affiliate on TikTok where you can add product links directly on videos, you need to sign up as a “TikTok Shop Creator”. Currently TikTok requires you to be over 18 and have at least 5000 followers. (If you don't meet those requirements or want to be an affiliate on a platform other than TikTok, scroll down to the "Other Affiliate Options" section.)

Here’s how to sign up as a TikTok Shop Creator:

  1. Go to your profile in the TikTok app
  2. Click on【≡】button > Creator tools > TikTok Shop for Creator
  3. Apply and wait for your application to be approved
  4. Once you are approved, Set up a Commission account and add your contact details so you can get paid

If you are already a TikTok Shop Creator:

Read the Rainworks Affiliate Guide, which will tell you how to be a successful Rainworks Affiliate and teach you how to add products to your videos and LIVEs.

Other Affiliate Options:

If you would like to an affiliate link that works on your blog, linktree, or anywhere else on the internet, reach out to me! I can give you a link that will give you a 15% commission of what people buy when they visit our website via your link.

Please fill out the Affiliate Interest Form below. If you have a special deal or collaboration you'd like to discuss, you can email me. My email is

If you are writing an article, here is an album of high-quality images and gifs you can use in your article, with credit to Rainworks: Rainworks Imgur Album

If you'd like to make a video, contact me for links to high-quality clips and B-Roll.