Rainworks Affiliate Guide

How to Be Successful as a Rainworks Affiliate

Welcome!!! I'm excited to have you as an affiliate partner. My name is Peregrine (yep, real name!) and I strive to inspire people to create things that bring joy to themselves and those around them. I started Rainworks in Seattle back in 2014 (full origin story here). By becoming an affiliate, you have joined me on the mission to make people smile with water-activated art!

If you still need to get set up as an affiliate, please visit this page: Become a Rainworks Affiliate

This page contains everything you need to know to make awesome rainworks, represent my company well, and make money along the way!

If you are writing an article, make sure you read section 2 below. Here is an album of high-quality images and gifs you can use in your article, with credit to Rainworks: Rainworks Imgur AlbumIf you'd like to make a video, reach out for links to high-quality clips and B-Roll.

Enough chat! Let's get into how to be a successful Rainworks Affiliate:

1) Remember the mission 🥳

The mission is to make people smile! I probably don’t need to say this, but please keep the content you make somewhere between lawful good and chaotic neutral. Any illegal or inappropriate content made as an affiliate will make me revoke our partnership. Please keep it respectful!

2) Use the word "rainwork" correctly 📝

The word rainwork is a noun! A rainwork is what we call a piece of art that is invisible when dry and appears every time it rains. So use it as a single noun when talking about one piece of art (e.g. “I made a rainwork over there!”)

Lots of people get confused about this because Rainworks is also the name of the company, so they use the plural when they don’t have to!

3) Read or watch the tutorial 🧐

Before making your first rainwork, read or watch my detailed tutorial to make sure your rainworks look as good as possible. The most important things to remember are:

  1. Test the surface first to make sure it has good contrast between wet and dry. Just pour some water on it and see if it turns really dark! Light-colored unsealed concrete is usually the best. Asphalt/blacktop does not work.
  2. The surface must be dry and clean (sweep it!) before you install 
  3. SPRAY LIGHTLY. It's not like normal paint at all. One light coat that barely darkens the surface, then another even lighter coat a minute, is all you need. (Paint-brushers: one brush stroke is usually enough)
  4. Wait before getting it wet. At least 5 minutes on warm sunny days, 2 hours on cold days. For maximum lifespan, wait 24 hours before getting a rainwork wet.

The tutorial is also where you can learn the best material for DIY stencils if you’ll be making your own stencils.

If you aren’t able to make your own stencils, reach out to me with your idea and we can talk about making you a custom stencil. My email is peregrine@rain.works.

4) Take Good Videos and Photos 📸

Get people's reactions!

If you are revealing a rainwork in the sun, keep the sun on your right or left side! If the sun is behind you, your shadow will cover part of the shot. If the sun is in front of you it will reflect off the water on the ground and make the rainwork more difficult to see in the video. Consider this when deciding on the orientation of the rainwork stencil when you are making it.

Pro tip: If you are going to be looking at this rainwork on a rainy day, and it’s next to a tall structure (like a building or a tree), film the rainwork while standing so that the rainwork is between you and the structure. That helps keep the reflection of the sky off the water, making it easier to see the rainwork.

It’s not the end of the world if you can’t follow these tips, but I want you to be aware of them :)

Video Ideas and Inspiration 🎉

  • Surprise friends or kids by making them pour water on the ground to reveal a special message
  • Challenge someone to hunt for the hidden rainwork using water balloons (pick up the balloon pieces when you’re done)
  • Make flowers by real-life gardens
  • Wholesome or funny rainy day messages in your neighborhood
  • Make a series of paw prints or footprints that lead to a good message
  • Paint something on the concrete (if you own the property) and then make a rainwork around it that interacts with it
  • Make a rainwork and then draw on top of it with chalk. When you wash the chalk away, it looks like it transforms into the rainwork! Example: a acorn made with chalk that turns into a tree when you water it.
  • A meaningful message for a cause you care about
  • Pranks are fine as long as they are in good fun and not punching down

How to Talk About Rainworks 🗣👂

You obviously know your audience better than I do, but here are some things that are good to bring up if you need ideas of what to say, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Talk about your personal reason for making them
  • How they work
  • This is a great activity for kids, classrooms, community programs
  • Makes a great surprise, like a gender reveal, prom-posal or a marriage proposal
  • Gives people a reason to smile on rainy days
  • People can use the Rainworks App to find rainworks and add your rainworks for other rainy-day explorers to find

Answers to the questions that you will get a LOT:

How does it work? 

Invisible Spray is a hydrophobic coating. When you spray it through a stencil onto concrete, it keeps that part of the concrete from getting wet. Concrete normally turns dark when wet, so the next time it gets wet, everything turns dark except for where we sprayed, and the contrast between light and dark becomes the rainwork!

Is it safe for people and the environment?

Yes! Invisible Spray is made of non-toxic ingredients that do not harm humans or the environment. The active ingredient is silica, a harmless mineral.

How long does it last?

Depends on the quality of the concrete and how much foot traffic and weather it gets, but 2-4 months is typical. It’s also removable with a stiff scrub brush + eco-friendly cleaner.

Is it legal?

As long as you’re not making ads on the sidewalk, it’s legal on most public sidewalks where sidewalk chalk is allowed. Check with your city to be sure.

Where can I get it?

The link in your video or your product showcase in your TikTok profile ;)

That’s it for now! I can’t wait to see what rainworks you make! 

Any questions? Email me: peregrine@rain.works

How to link people to the product:

On TikTok:

Once you have finished getting set up as a TikTok Shop Creator, here is how to add Rainworks products to your Product Showcase!

  1. Go to the TikTok Product Marketplace and search for Rainworks
  2. Add our Rainworks TikTok Bundle product and any other products you will be showing in your videos
  3. TikTok Creators over 100K followers: you may be eligible to get a free sample of the Rainworks TikTok Bundle via the Product Marketplace.

Now anytime you make a video or go live you will have the ability to add a link to those products that people can buy directly on your video, earning you a commission of 15% of every sale! You add the link on the Publish Video screen by tapping “Add Link”. Here’s the TikTok guide to adding products to videos and LIVEs. Here’s the TikTok Shop Knowledge Hub for Creators.

If you have other platforms where you would like to post an affiliate link, see the next section ⬇️

On Other Websites (normal affiliate link):

If you want to make 15% commission by linking our product from your website or other social media, you can find your affiliate link on your Rainworks Affiliatly Dashboard.

If you would like to get set up with the Rainworks Affiliatly Dashboard, email me with your information and links to where you will be posting your affiliate link. My email is peregrine@rain.works.