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FREE Rainworks Paintbrush for Invisible Spray

FREE Rainworks Paintbrush for Invisible Spray

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Unlock another level of creativity by painting Invisible Spray directly onto the sidewalk. No stencil required!

This comfortable wood-handled paintbrush is the perfect size to fit through the neck of a 2oz bottle of Invisible Spray. Its soft nylon bristles are long enough to hold a productive amount of Invisible Spray so don't have to re-dip so often!

To use:

  1. Dip the paintbrush into the Invisible Spray, then wipe the edges on the brim of the container to prevent drips and excess bleeding.
  2. Paint the Invisible Spray gently onto clean concrete or wood, repeating Step 1 each time you notice the brush running dry.
  3. Work fast, it will be turning invisible while you work! (You can also use pebbles to keep track of where you've painted.)
  4. Wait for it to turn completely invisible, then reveal it with water!

*Painting Invisible Spray uses more Invisible Spray than simply spraying. This means the using a paintbrush will not achieve the same coverage as using the spraying technique. On the plus side, when painting you don't need to apply two coats

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