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The Secret To Making Rainworks

It's Raining Cats & Dogs Bundle - Rainworks Invisible Spray with 4 Stencils

It's Raining Cats & Dogs Bundle - Rainworks Invisible Spray with 4 Stencils

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With this bundle, you can make it rain cats & dogs—literally! Bring some whimsy and light to your neighborhood the next time it rains by bringing this beloved idiom to life.

Included ($40 Value):

  • Kit with 2oz bottle of Invisible Spray 2.0: Covers 10-15 square feet, which is enough to make 15-20 Cats & Dogs (When used as directed--spray lightly!!)
  • 2x Repeating Paw Prints PopOut Stencil
  • Cute Kitten PopOut Stencil
  • Cute Dog PopOut Stencil

*Raindrop stencil not included. Must be used on a surface that changes color when wet, like sidewalk concrete or unsealed wood. (Not asphalt or blacktop)

Grab this bundle and give your loved ones a reason to look forward to rainy days!


Creates Rainworks that last 2-4 months


2oz covers 10-15 square feet (0.9-1.4 square meters)

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Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Ingredients. Please don't drink it though.

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Making a rainwork is easy:

See Invisible Spray 2.0 In Action:

About Invisible Spray 2.0


Invisible Spray 2.0 is non-toxic to the environment! You still shouldn’t drink it though.

The water-based composition of our new formula makes Invisible Spray 2.0 even safer than its predecessor.


Rainworks typically last 2-4 months (though we have seen some last as long as a year under ideal conditions). They are most vivid for the first few weeks, and gradually grow more subtle over time.

Easily Removeable

Rainworks do not damage the surface they are on, and they can be easily removed by scrubbing the surface with any eco-friendly cleaning product.

Totally Invisible When Dry

Unlike most superhydrophobic coatings, Invisible Spray completely undetectable when dry (if used as directed). You can’t see, feel, or smell a difference.

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