Get a Custom Stencil!


Get a Custom Stencil!

Bring your idea to life with a custom stencil from Rainworks.

Use the form below to submit your stencil idea and get a fast and free quote. You can submit any of the following:

  1. A clear photo of the design.
  2. A vector file (svg, ai, eps)
  3. A description. Our design team will work with you to make your imagination into reality.

No size limit thanks to our overlapping stencil design system. Turnaround is fast and shipping is worldwide.

Pricing depends upon the size & complexity of your design. Get a free quote today!

To get started, submit the contact form below or send an email with your stencil details to

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    Durable, Flexible, & Re-Usable

    We chose to make our stencils with High-Impact Polystyrene, a springy, resilient material. The result is high-quality stencils that hold their shape and can be reused virtually unlimited times!

    Pre-cut, but not Pre-Popped

    When you receive your stencil, you will need to pop out the pre-cut sections before use. We promise it’s easy to do. You can use the popped-out pieces as an inverse stencil — two stencils for the price of one!

    For even more information on our stencils, visit our Stencil Instructions page.

    Additional information


    High-Impact Polystyrene


    .02 inches



    See What Rainwork Makers Are Saying!

    “It was a highlight of the year for both the museum and the university, and the project has continued to have a ripple effect through our community. Not only did our project both fulfill and far exceed all of our goals, it was inspiring to work with Rainworks.”

    Abraham M.

    Eskenazi Museum of Art

    “It was an amazing adventure and it turned out great!”

    Troy D.

    “We revealed it with kids and their parents, and it was an amazing moment. Thank you for your great idea ;) “

    Markéta K.

    “Easy to use and not at all messy. Super fun to do with the kids.”

    Erin D.

    “We got to walk around and see that they were invisible – and then pour a bucket of water on them and they’d magically appear! So that was really fun, and everyone around the zoo who was there thought they were really cool.”



    “Works as advertised and fun to surprise kids with water magic 🎩”

    Agent I.

    “Thank you for all your hard work getting these stencils together for us! They look truly amazing.”

    Katherine G.


    “I thought it was cool because I kinda thought it wouldn’t show up that well, or might be all mushed together – but when we did the reveal today, it was great!”



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