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Professional-Grade Stencil

FREE I Love You PopOut Stencil

FREE I Love You PopOut Stencil

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This is a special product listing for rewarding customers for shopping on our store! This is the same stencil as the Basic size I Love You Stencil, which you can order individually here.

Durable “I Love You” stencil for making rainworks or spray paint projects.

  • If you love somebody, let them know!
  • Basic Size:
    • Design dimensions: 12" x 6.75"
    • Stencil dimensions: 13.5" x 11"

Won't Wear Out

Our stencils can be re-used virtually unlimited times!

Shipping & Returns

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Designed to be reused forever, but if you want to dispose of the stencil, check to see if your local disposal takes Recycling Type #, Polystyrene.

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See Our Stencils in Action:

Durable, Flexible, & Re-Usable

We chose to make our stencils with High-Impact Polystyrene, a springy, resilient material. The result is high-quality stencils that hold their shape and can be reused virtually unlimited times!

Pre-cut, but not Pre-Popped

When you receive your stencil, you will need to pop out the pre-cut sections before use. We promise it’s easy to do. You can use the popped-out pieces as an inverse stencil — two stencils for the price of one!

Choose from Pre-Made Stencils or a Custom Design!

Browse our collection of designs, or work with our team to create something special!

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Don't Forget Your Invisible Spray!

You'll need to make your rain-activated artwork. The Starter Kit has enough spray to make a basic stencil 10 times!